Patient Information

Patient receiving treatment

Each year, Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care provides more than 50,000 service visits to patients throughout Western North Carolina. Patients have come to rely on us as a fast and affordable option for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Click here to find out whether you should visit Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care or the ER.

We accept insurance, and financial aid is available through our Compassionate Care program. Click the links on the left for more information on our services as well as some handy resources.

Flexible Pricing Program

Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care has a variety of different payment options so you may chose what is most fitting for you and your family. Our new Flexible Pricing Program allows you to select the level of service you need for a flat fee.

Who is eligible for Flexible Pricing? EVERYONE. Flexible Pricing makes the most sense for those who have a high insurance deductible or do not want to file with their insurance carrier for other reasons.

Tiered Pricing is only available to patients who are not filing third-party insurance and does not include screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STD screening is available for an additional charge. Lab tests that have to be sent to a third party may require an additional charge.

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